Filecoin ‘Air BnB’ for Data Owners

Set up and manage your Storage Provider profile to acquire more client deals, build your data center’s reputation and grow your business.

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Filecoin mining, supercharged

Control your infrastructure from one single location, with detailed reward analytics and insights on how to improve your profitability.

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0.5 TiB

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Filecoin computation network

Pioneers of Filecoin sealing - a computationaly heavy yet rewarding process which makes creating verified deals on Filecoin possible.

Earn FIL by sealing

Fast ROI

Receive rewards on the address of your choice every 24 hours with no vesting.


Track your liquidity, rewards and performance from a single dashboard.


Keep sealing sectors without having to borrow FIL and without paying interest.

Built by miners for miners

Dashboard for your Filecoin mining with balances, sealing jobs and sectors.

Mining management dashboard

We envision Filmine as your one stop shop for Filecoin mining.

Resource utilization

Sealing performance

Gas cost

Mining efficiency

Always up to date

Backed by Protocol Labs

Filmine accelerates time to profit for the Filecoin storage providers and provide a major boost to their growth.

Stefaan Vervaet Storage Provider Growth Lead at Protocol Labs

Grow your mining business

Earn 10x more rewards for mining Filecoin and secure new deals with clients through a new powered-by-Filmine network: Filgram. To make the most out of your machines, use it with Filmine miners.


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