Tools and services to facilitate onboarding the world to Web3

Filmine acts as the infrastructure layer of the Web3, providing compute and storage networks a shared layer of hardware resources to run workloads while retaining the ability to connect.

Reinventing FIL mining with Filmine Protocol

Increase your collateral with Filmine protocol. Control your infrastructure from one single location, with detailed reward analytics and insights on how to improve your profitability.

Decouple your mining operations from owning FIL liquidity

Get predictable rewards

Introducing staking to Filecoin

Monitor mining performance through the Filgram dashboard

Bringing liquidity from other blockchains

Calculate your rewards

0.5 TiB

30 TiB

12 TiB


Get discoverable with Filgram

Set up and manage your Storage Provider profile to acquire more client deals, build your data center’s reputation and grow your business.


Built for and powered by Filecoin Storage Providers

Gain visibility by claiming your miner and building reputation

Share important metrics about your mining operations

Filstation - the Filmine compute network

Pioneers of Filecoin sealing - a computationally heavy yet rewarding process which makes creating verified deals on Filecoin possible.

Seal sectors for storage providers on Filecoin

Monitor performance through Filstation dashboard

Ensure optimal utilization of the hardware resources

Execute compute jobs across different networks

Trusted by Protocol Labs

Filmine accelerates time to profit for the Filecoin storage providers and provide a major boost to their growth.

Stefaan Vervaet Storage Provider Growth Lead at Protocol Labs

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